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Posted on: April 30, 2009




Care society, is a fledgling NGO registered in 1998 in republic of Maldives. Aims is to address the issues of disability, promoting rights of women and children and assisting survivors during natural disasters.

The first 6 years of care society, it mainly focused only on working with people with disabilities but the disaster of tsunami in 2004 lead care society to expand and add to its mandate working with other vulnerable groups highlighted above.

Care society works with children and adults with disabilities to help them realize their potential and to create public awareness about the special needs of people with disabilities. It conducts trainings for families and also provides an open forum for dialogue with the community. Care society’s long-term objective is to “make every person with a disability an able bodied person” – or to “Able the disabled”

However with the decision to take up the issue of disabilities, came the realization that the country had only a handful of trained professionals in this field. There was an urgent need to train more people. Care society has trained and hired skilled staffs to carry out the tasks and activities.

With the additional areas care society is working to promote rights of women and building capacity of community based organization, and non-governmental organizations and assisting survivors of natural disasters.

At the moment Care Society is conducting three major projects. That is Care Development Center, Community Based Rehabilitation Programmme and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme.


Care Society understands the need for and importance of rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities in all areas of the country.  It is this understanding and Care Society’s mission to create a friendly and inclusive environment for all people with disabilities.  Therefore, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) was introduced in 2000. As a method to work with communities to identify disability issues relevant to the community and share knowledge, skills and resources to enable a more inclusive environment where all members of the community receive equitable and appropriate services.  CBR also aims to facilitate the participation of the entire community, including people with disabilities and their families in the forefront of raising awareness of how to create a safe, healthy and equitable community for all. With this regard Care Society is working currently in Gaafu Dhaal Thinadhoo and Addu atoll Hithadhoo.

One of the most important activities of CBR this year was mapping of the above mentioned islands to identify all the disabled people in these two communities. Apart from this ongoing awareness raising activities in the community, social events for children with disabilities and home visits to work with the families of children with disabilities will carry on.

CDC (Care Development Centre)

In the aim to provide educational and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in the Maldives, Care Society implemented Care Development Centre (CDC) in 2001. At present 43 students are getting direct support from CDC. Areas of intervention include Language and communication development, Self help and independent living skills, academics, craft work, behavioral interventions, and home based programs. With about 10 staff trained in disability related fields Care Development Centre has been able to work towards proper integration of children with disabilities in to the community. Some of the Areas CDC is very much involved  are social events for children with disabilities, parent integrated social events, fundraising for different programs and awareness raising in the field of disability.  




During the past 10 years Care Society has been providing its services through funding from international donor and assistance provided by the local organizations and companies and individual people. It has always been a challenging and difficult task since you can never assume how much you would get. Because of this it has been really difficult to organize and plan activities.




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