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Students of CDC took part in the 350 camapign held on the 24th of October.  Each child planted a seed and took it home. Caresociety would like to thank the organisers for giving this opportunity.




Care Development Centre (CDC), conducts various activities targeted to parents of children with disabilities who attend to CDC. One such activity is a day where parents of the students take classes without their teachers.

This program provides as opportunity for parents to interact with children with different disability and get a glimpse of teachers work.

All the parents who participated enjoyed their new experience and would like to get more involved in such activities in future.

A feedback session was held for all the parents who participated on 13th October 2009, and discussed about the strengths & things that need to be improve in the program.

Care Society hopes that such activities would empower parents who will be able to raise their voice for the rights of children with disabilities.

A colleague from Handicap International sent me an email sometimes back with a document addressing to the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities. As I read through the document I could not stop thinking about a debate from the “Self Advocates”. Which talks about the birth right of people with intellectual disability.

Being someone working in the field, it’s a pity I have never thought about this, “Their right to be born” which is different from “their right to live”. I don’t know how I view this, however I do believe true dignity would not be achieved unless they are viewed as a part of the society rather than a “Mistake, curse, disease or a virus” that need to be prevented from spreading. But as individual people it might be something we have different opinion about. From the time of conception till birth we hope and pray our baby would be perfect. We take measures to avoid any unnecessary misfortunes. We vaccinate and consult doctors to make sure. We send them to school and make the home a learning place so they are well stimulated. We have dreams about their future, maybe for them to become the most brilliant minds of the world. In all these respect our mind is set on the norms. Our worry is less and our future is well planned. But when it comes to a child with a disability it’s hard to ignore the dark side. Why is that?

I think this is something we can all think about and surely we would have different opinion on the matter. However sharing views would be really helpful for us acquire true meaning of equality and justice for all. If we can have same dreams and hopes for all Children regardless of their differences, I think that would be the greatest joy of all. And Their RIGHT TO BE BORN…. would be the greatest justice of all.

Written by: Aishath Looba


photo: Flickr (Dude Crush)

Zahu..A child with so much talent and potential. All she needed was a platform to show it..
Believe me there are so many other children like her with so much hidden talent but unable to show it because their disabilities are seen first…Please..Acknowledge disabilities realise possibilities..


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  • Care Soceity: Yes, students can volunteer at Care Society. Please fill in the necessary forms. We will post them on the blog soon. Thank you
  • Care Soceity: I will share the volunteer form on the blog. Thank you for your initiation.
  • rooza: hi, I would like to voluntarily work with you. What should I do. and where could I find the forms.