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Care Society organizes an annual picnic trip for all the families of students attending to Care Development Centre. We also invited families of former students (Registered Target Members) to participate as well. The trip was arranged involving staff and volunteers of Care Society.

The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for social development and a fun time for students and enhance positive self growth among parents, students, volunteers, and staff.

What did we Do!

  • Water Fun:
    • Water is an effective therapeutic environment for children with disabilities. It also helps in calming and relaxing the mind and body.
    • Family trip provide an opportunity for children to enjoy water sport. All the kids participated in the water activities and had a great time.
  • Games:
    • One of the priority games we play in the trip are inclusive games. We involve children with and without disability along with their parents and play games they all can enjoy. Through which we aim to aware parents about the possibilities and how they can involve their own children in games and other activities at home or in the park.

All families had great fun enjoying the games.

  • Parents and families interactions
    • The trip encouraged families, especially Mothers to interact and socialize with each other. This helps in strengthening the relationship among the parents and giving them an opportunity to further psychosocial development.

The trip was organized by Shafeenaz Saeed, and Aiminath Waheed, with the support from other staff.

“Integration is not being present, but rather being able to contribute, we believe children and people with disabilities can be integrated into our society, all we need is to be able acknowledge their Rights”.

Written by: Aishath Looba (Assistant Director)



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  • Care Soceity: Yes, students can volunteer at Care Society. Please fill in the necessary forms. We will post them on the blog soon. Thank you
  • Care Soceity: I will share the volunteer form on the blog. Thank you for your initiation.
  • rooza: hi, I would like to voluntarily work with you. What should I do. and where could I find the forms.