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Theme for 2009: “Making the MDGs inclusive: Empowerment of persons with disabilities and their communities around the world”. The theme has been selected to draw attention to and promote a better understanding of disability issues and mobilize action for the empowerment of persons with disabilities (

To mark the day, parent awareness work shops were held in two islands organized by Child and Family service centers in Baa Atoll.

Parent awareness focused on creating awareness among the parents, in accessing information and providing support for the child within home environment. We were able to do two home visits in kudarikili and an awareness workshop session for 5 parents in Kendhoo.

Both islands have very few children/people with disabilities living in the community. Parents are helpless due to lack of support services for children with disabilities in the island. 

The Island offices do not have information of children with disabilities living in the community. They often use the term “people with special needs” and this includes families with all different kinds of needs. For example poverty, “Zarooree Beynuntha nufuddhey meehun”, translated: families who are not able to fulfill the basic needs.

Schools are not in a position to cater for them within the school. Either due to age, disability or parents will.  It was surely a fruitful experience for us; we were able to experience and witness lives of children with disabilities in the community. Surely lots need to be done by NGO’s like us advocating for their rights, pressuring the government to implement services within the existing constitution and policies.

“People with disabilities are people like you and me; they have a name before they are labeled with a disability, so why do we silently discriminate them?”

Our Sincere gratitude to (names of those ) for organizing and assisting us in the program.

Written By : Aishath Looba

6th December 2009.



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