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Each year the month of April is celebrated as the Autism Awareness Month. Care Society being an NGO working with children/persons with disabilities has organized and planned a lot of activities for this month.

An autism puzzle camp was organized for the students attending Care Development Centre (CDC) from 14th to 16th of April 2011 at Olhahali Picnic Island. At present 15 autistic students are attending the center but only 10 students among them were able to join the camp. The main objective of the camp was to assess and evaluate the self-help and independent living skills of the students and propose a home based plan for the parents to intervene at home.

The camp was successful with generous contribution from ALIA Investment pvt. Ltd, two individuals and also Maldives Police Services.

A session on “Parents as developmental partners in educating children with autism” was held for the parents of children with autism attending CDC. This session was held on 19th April 2011. The main objective of the session was to give an over view of autism, and how parents can play a role as developmental partners. Furthermore discussion sessions were facilitated for parents to share their experiences and gain knowledge on managing children with autism at home.

Another session for the parents was held on 24th April 2011, which would be facilitated by the teachers in providing more information regarding their children and to share the observation made during the camp.

A session on “Understanding Autism” would be held for the volunteers of Care Society on 26th April 2011. The main purpose of this session is to give an opportunity for volunteers to understand children with autism and facilitate them to interact and socialize within the community.

[SunRise Photo shoot: in the Autism Puzzle camp]

              [Autism puzzle Camp: Activity]

              [Autism puzzle camp: Activity]



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