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An early morning reception was organized to celebrate the 10th year of Care Development Center at Dharubaaruge on the 8th of October 2001.

The reception started with the recitation of Quran with its meaning. A speech was given by Director, Care Society, Shidhatha Shareef in which how CDC started and the objectives as well as the challenges and the changes that have taken place since then were highlighted.

The speech was followed by appreciation certificates handed to volunteers who have been working for more than a year, contributors, previous and current staff who have worked at CDC for 1-5 years, and parties involved in child sponsorship program which includes companies, individuals, and parents as well.

There were some special awards given to persons who had worked at CDC for more than 5 years. These awards were given to Fathmath Afiya as a pioneer in starting CDC, to Shafeenaz Saeed for her dedication and contribution, to Fazna Najeeb in serving CDC as a teacher, a supervisor and a program manager, to Shina Wajeeh for her service, to Aishath Looba for heading CDC as its Deputy Principal, to Shidhatha Shareef for always being a part of CDC, and Shiyaza Mohamed Didi for her continuous dedication in working for CDC.

The highlight of the event was the art and craft work of CDC students displayed at the reception which were available for purchase to interested parties. These works included drawings, collages, handmade flowers and other items.

The reception served as an advocacy platform for CDC as well. Lintel Investments and Management Services pledged to continue their child sponsorship program for another year, Eve Garments agreed to provide CDC teachers with a working uniform for the next year, Maldives Ports Limited pledged to sponsor 2 students for 1 year, and Haveeru Daily agreed to provide a spot on their newspaper for the next year free of charge.
Although some companies were unable to attend the ceremony they too agreed to continue their role in the child sponsorship program.  Tropic Surf who is currently sponsoring 12 students agreed to continue for the next year and a company of Universal, Per Aquum also agreed to continue sponsoring 11 students for the next year.

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Special Sports Festival 2011 organized by Care Society in association with Dhiraagu as part of their anniversary activity was conducted on 1st of October. Chief Guest of the event was the Mayor Maizan Ali Manik . Male’ City council, other organizations and schools were invited to the event. Around 80 Persons with disabilities participated in the event, which included students of Care Development Centre (CDC), Jamaluddin School (JS), Imaduddin School (IS) and members of the Maldives Deaf Association (MDA). The whole event was hosted by Ibrahim Rasheed (Ibbe) and Mariyam Waheeda.

The event started around 4:00 pm with the National Anthem played by Kalaafan School Brass Band. This was followed by the school songs of participants. The first activity was a Drill performed by students from Care Development Centre and Jamaluddin School. CDC and Js students (1 to 10 years) started the game with Baton Relay, followed by Picking Flower played by the students of CDC. The Tunnel Race (5 to 13 years) participated by the CDC children. Water Balancing (5 to 10 years), Sand Bag Pulling (10 to 15 years), Baton Relay (15 to 30 years) and Water balloon Race (15 to 30 years) was participated by the students of CDC and JS. In between the games, a cute dance performance was given by the students of Maafannu Madharusa. A Floor Aerobics Routine was facilitated by the members of Empower Fitness with the students of CDC and JS. This was followed by the games of Imaduddin School which included Baton Relay, Bean Bag, Balloon bursting, and Sack Race. The activities ended with a Baton Relay and 100m run by Maldives Deaf Association.

The Closing Ceremony began with the awarding of Trophies and gift packs to the participants. Memorandums were also given to Male’ City Council, Kalaafan School, , Maldives National Cadet co. Galolhu Madharusa, Maafannu Madharusa, Empower Fitness, Maldives Police Services, ADK Hospital and the hosts for their contribution to make the event a success.

Care Society believes that this is the very beginning of a new journey that will open new doors for the Persons with Disabilities to excel in the field of sports.

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