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Two months back Madhurasathul Shaheed Ali Thakurufaan (school) of HA Thakandhoo approached Care Society to conduct disability awareness workshops for the parents and teachers of the school. Field trip to this island was organized in collaboration with the School and the Council office of HA Thakandhoo. We also took this opportunity to conduct awareness workshop for the stakeholders and the high school students of Madhursathul Shaheed Ali Thakurufaan. The trip was also utilized to meet the council members and the CBR team in the islands HD Hanimadhoo and HA Marandhoo where CBR focal points has already been formed. A Parent awareness session was also conducted for the parents of the HA Muladhoo school. The following is a brief of the field trip.

On 2nd April: Arrived to HA Thakandhoo. A stakeholder’s session was conducted for creating awareness on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the National Disability Law (8/2010).

On 3rd April: The council of the HA Thakandhoo was met to explore the possibilities of having community based rehabilitation works in the island, which turned out to be quite positive. The same day awareness session was conducted for teachers and parents. The teachers were sensitized to different kinds of disabilities and the difficulties a child with these disabilities would face. The parent’s session was more of an eye opener into the rights of children. Parenting tips and methods to deal with slow learners were also shared with the parents.

On 4th April: The CBR team of HA Marandhoo was visited to discuss about the CBR work done in the island. We also had a very fruitful meeting with the council members of HA Marandhoo for providing full support for the CBR activities conducted in the island.

The trip to HA Muladhoo was made on the same day. Awareness session was carried for the parents of the Muladhoo School, in which 27 parents participated.

On 5th April: Half day session was conducted for the teachers where intervention techniques were discussed and also sessions and group works were done on behavior management programmes. By the end of the session the participants were given certificates.

A leadership development and assertive sessions was conducted for the students of grade 7,8,9 and 10. The session also gave us the opportunity to learn about the difficulties they were having in the school and the kind of changes they would prefer to see to get a positive school environment. The issues and suggestions from the students side was also shared with the management of the school and the ways to address were shared with them as well.

On 6th April: The CBR team in HD Hanimadhoo was met. The concerns and things that needed to be done by the team was shared and discussed. New focal points were chosen. During the meeting with the council members, a lot of concerns with regard to the disability population in the island was raised. A focal point from the council was found to keep in touch with regard to disability related concerns. On a special request from the council a home visit was also done.

Returned to Male’ on the same day…

By: Khadeeja Hasaana Hassan / CBR Manager


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The field trip to GDh Thinadhoo was done on 17th April to 21st April of 2012. The trip is funded by FIDA International, who is the main donor for the Community Based Rehabilitation work conducted by Care Society. The CBR centre, under the name Heed Learning Centre in GDh Thinadhoo was established during the year 2007 with the support of Handicap International. The centre provided special education for the children with disabilities. And after the forming of Special Education Need (SEN) units, their main focus shifted into providing vocational training skills to the adults with disabilities who were not catered in the SEN classes. Homes visits were continuously done to the home of people with disabilities in the island, for providing psychosocial support and have home based programs for the people who can’t make it to the center. From 2007 to 2009 the CBR workers in the island was paid under the Handicap International project but after their signing off, the main concerns and issues were regarding the financial sustainability of the already existing CBR centers. After a short delay, in February 2010 FIDA International provided financial assistance to the CBR centre for 6 months. In between they were guided and helped to rise of their own to run the centers independently. But during the year 2011, no activities were conducted from the centre due to lack of financial support and limitations with regard to the building space but they still managed to provide support by providing home visits. During this year 2012, there was no one from the community to take over the responsibility of the Heed Learning Centre and even the home visits came to an end.

The main objective of this trip was to find a partner who can provide space to run the Heed Learning centre and also assist them in getting funds. On the first day of the field trip itself the old advisory board of the Heed Learning Centre was met and explored various options of running the centre. A plan was shared and priorities of the centre were marked. A strategic management plan was also discussed where the advisory board would be monitoring the work of Centre.

The following day the focal point of MM preschool (suggested during the meeting) was met to discuss the issue, also the management and founders of the school were also met to share the kind of support we needed from them to run the Centre. The council members were also met to explore various options. The meetings concluded in signing of an agreement between Care Society, the Council office and MM Preschool. As per the agreement the MM preschool will be responsible for providing support to the Heed Learning Centre to run the programmes, and the Council will be monitoring their work. The advisory board will be also having representatives from the council as well as from the MM preschool. Care Society will be providing technical support to the centre. The agreement will be signed by the end of April 2012

Home visits were done to some of the people registered in the Heed Learning centre to get their stories and a case registered in Care Society was also visited to do an assessment.

A children’s evening was conducted on 20th April in collaboration with the Family and Children Service Centre in GDh Thinadhoo. The event was inaugurated by Mr Naseer Ahmed the assistant director of the Council of GDh Thinadhoo. Volunteer support was provided by the Scout group in GDh Atoll Thauleeme Markhaz, Police and volunteers of FCSC. This event was an inclusive event for creating awareness on disability and also sharing the programs of the Heel Learning Centre. The games introduced in the event were modified to give disability awareness and also making it accessible for the children with disabilities. Around 300 children participated in this event. We would like to thank the school, police, FCSC and council office for their support in organizing the event. Also would like to highlight the donations received from the shops like The Veg, Ho! Ghadha, New Zeal Plaza and Oceanic Store.

By: Khadeeja Hasaana Hassan / CBR Manager

Island Aviation has sponsored 22 complimentary tickets for Care Society to mobilize the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) work in the islands. Presently we have two CBR program in S.Hithadhoo, and GDH Thinadhoo. CBR teams has also been mobilized in the islands HA Marandhoo, HD Hanimadhoo and Gn Foamulah, who works for the betterment of the persons with disabilities. The assistance provided by Island Aviation will help us to strength and facilitate the CBR work in islands and this opportunity has lead us to reach other islands as well.
Hence, Island Aviation has truly made flying easier for us.

By: Haza / CBR Manager

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The Annual General Assembly of Care Society was held on the 27th of March 2012 at the STELCO auditorium. The meeting began with the recitation of holy Quran by the former student of Care Development Center, Moosa Rushdhee.

The Annual Report 2011 was presented by Director, Ms. Shidhatha Shareef. In the presentation, Shidhatha highlighted on the major projects and events carried out in the year 2011. Highlighting on the members, it was mentioned that around 117 resource members contributed to various events organized /participated by Care Society.  A total of 3 gold members were registered at Care Society in 2011 and there are a total of 504 target members registered at Care Society by the end of 2011. After the presentation of the Annual Report, it was endorsed by the Executive Board of Care Society.

The financial position of Care Society was presented by the Assistant Director, Aminath Saleem.  The findings of the audited financial statement were shared with the members.

Revisions to the Articles of Association were presented and  asked for vote from the members.

The following members were elected for the new executive board for the next two years.

  1. Chairperson, Mr. Mohamed Hameed , H. Luxury Garden
  2. Vise Chairperson, Mr. Abdul Hameed Ali, H. Hirifinolhu
  3. Treasurer, Ms. Aishath Rasheed, H. Nooranifehi
  4. Executive Member, Mr. Ismail Adhuham, G. Nila
  5. Executive Member , Ms. Fathmath Nizam, G. Moonlightge
  6. Executive Member, Ms. Ummu Salma, G. Medalin

The newly elected chairperson, Mr. Mohamed Hameed addressed the members. In his speech he expressed his interest to work along with the Care Society management and staff to strengthen the functions of Care Society in order to take the organization to new heights.

By: Aminath Saleem / Assistant Director

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Many good things in life are so simple and often taken for granted.  While life create so much opportunity for such happiness not many of are capable of accepting it fully. Last couple of days, was a reminder to us who work in the field of special education the importance of play. The best interaction we can have with kids, whether it is as a trainer or as a parent.  The moment we see the smile we know we have connected with the child.

Children with disabilities are very unique in their ways of expressing their emotions and socializing. And working with them requires motivation, strength and enthusiasm.  They may express many behaviors that are unacceptable; they may not sit and concentrate on a task.  These are the areas teachers work on in an every day’s basis at Care Development Centre. Reinforcing the positive behaviors, motivating the students and playing with them in the process of development.

A training was conducted to develop and enhance the capacity of the teachers to work with children with disabilities in the areas mentioned above. Training on Verbal behavior was conducted from 24th to 29th March at Care Society. A total of 21 participants were trained, and out of which 10 were from other institutes. Care Society believes that such trainings and development will enhance, the program conducted at Care Development and there is a great need to train trainers in the field.

We would like to express our gratitude and many thanks to Ms. Kinnari Bhatt for conducting the training on “verbal behavior” and cheers to all those participants who benefited from this training.

By: Aishath Looba / Deputy Director


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