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A thought to our daily life…..

Understanding & identifying the individual responsibilities…..

In reality how many of us have actually given these a thought?  For some of us the life is within the four lines of a time table. Rise in the morning as in the time table, attend work, go back home, do the household chores and by the time you realize the clock has already indicated that it’s time for bed. Is this the kind of life we wanted? Do we like it the way it is now? Have we given this a thought?

Each one of us live a different life. How we interact with each other, the way we see things is different from one another. However what we all have in common is the fact that we are bound to be part of another person’s life. In simple terms however much we want ultimately our life is not ONLY our life.

The way we mold our attitude, behavior and the way of thinking will have an impact on another person’s life. Whether it be your family, friends, colleagues or the community.  In general, every move we make as individuals has an influence on another person or a group one way or the other way.

The purpose of this session was to provide an opportunity for staff to interact with each other and work in groups to brain storm and identify the individual responsibilities for personal as well as professional growth and development. Widely discussed topics such as effective communication, motivation, conflict management, team building were introduced to staff through various activities. Each of these topics would be discussed in detail in future sessions.

It is in our hands to make our life exciting and happy. It is also in our own hands to build up the desire to climb the steps to development gradually by willing to adapt and practically implement the models to personal and professional development.

By: Aami Saleem / Asst. Director



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