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Community Based Rehabilitation Training Workshop in Gn. Fuvahmulah

Posted on: July 17, 2012

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Field trip to GN. Fuvahmulah was done from 3rd to 8th July 2012. The purpose of the trip was to technically train the CBR workers and the Community Health Workers to implement CBR activities in the island. This trip was funded by FIDA International, who is the main donor for the Community Based Rehabilitation works conducted by Care Society.

As part of the trip, Care Society’s team met with two members of the CBR team, previously established to work as CBR volunteers in the island. The main objective of the meeting was to gather information on the current status of the CBR activities and to explain the new approach designed by Care Society to conduct home visits and other CBR related activities.  In the meeting one of the Councilors mentioned that they were planning to establish a public library in the island which will be made accessible to persons with disabilities as well.

A meeting was also held with the Fuvahmulah Atoll Council members, to inform them about the training program that was to commence the next day. The meeting was chaired by Shidhatha Shareef, Director of Care Society. In this meeting, the Vice President of the Atoll Council, a member of the Atoll Council and Assistant Director of the Secretariat of the Fuvahmulah Atoll Council also participated. Assurance was given by the Vice President, that they will be supporting Care Society and the Fuvahmulah CBR Team in conducting all the activities within the island. Also, since Fuvahmulah is the first island to train Community Health Workers to do CBR activities, the Council was very much supportive in facilitating the necessary arrangements.

The workshop to train the Community Health Workers and the CBR volunteers was held from 4th – 7th July 2012. In this workshop, participants were given training on how to conduct home visit, how to plan an event (targeting Persons with disabilities), types of disabilities, communication skills and interviewing skills, how to form and conduct Parent Support Groups and a plan of action was drafted to be implemented in the island. According to the plan, the members of the CBR team along with the help from Community Health workers will have a meeting to discuss when to start the Parent Support Group, and when to conduct the meetings during Ramadan. This meeting was scheduled to commence on 13th July 2012.

12 participants achieved the certificate of completion during the closing ceremony. A presentation was done to explain what is CBR and the roles and responsibilities of the CBR workers, Community Health Workers when implementing the program. Responsibilities of other stakeholders were also identified and explained during this presentation. The presentation was explained in the presence of training participants and other stakeholders.

In the remarks given by the Chief Guest during the closing ceremony, Mr. Ali Shaah ( member of the Fuvahmulah Atoll Council), mentioned that high importance should be given to advocate and create more awareness among the community on different issues related to disability. He also assured the participants of the training that the Atoll Council will support them in facilitating any necessary arrangements for CBR activities.

An event was also held with activities promoting inclusion for Children/Persons With Disabilities. The event was hosted by Care Society and the participants took a very good initiative in informing different stakeholders and other agencies to come and take part in the event. Maldives Red Crescent unit in Fuvahmulah, Family and Children Service Centre, SEN units of Fuvahmulah School and Hafiz Ahmed School, Police and Fuvahmulah Atoll Council contributed to the event activities.

The Care Society’s CBR team returned to Male’ on the8th of July 2012.

Written by: Aishath Sufana / Asst. CBR Manager


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Care Society is a wonderful people doing so much of work to give those children a better life, I am happy that I got chance to help them in a programm they ran,,

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