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A total of 76 participants participated in this year’s family trip. The main objective of this trip was to provide an opportunity to the students and their families to spend some quality time together in a different environment away from their normal life.

During this trip families had the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as:

–          Water balloon game

–          Tug of war

–          Ball passing

–          Yoga for mothers

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions from:

Kandooma Holdings, for providing us the beautiful island for free of cost.

MTCC , for providing us the dhoani

Meridian Services Pvt. Ltd, for providing the fuel for the dhoani

Fun Island Resort, for arranging a dhoani to and from Maadhoofinolhu to the big vessel

We also very much appreciate the generous support provided by our first aider,  Mr. Ali Zakariya who was ready to lend a hand anytime we needed help

Last but not the least, the Care Society team for their invaluable commitment to make this trip a success. CARE BEARS….WE DID IT AGAIN!!!


Introduction: This program is designed for young persons with disabilities living in Asia and the Pacific who have willingness and potential to become leaders in their communities and work for persons with disabilities. The program offers young individuals an opportunity to learn about welfare policies and services for persons with disabilities in Japan and thereby to obtain knowledge and skills that will support their future activities. It was first implemented in 1993 by The Duskin AINOWA Foundation as a project commemorating the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993 – 2002). Over the past fourteen years, the program has hosted 103 people from all over Asia and the Pacific.

Duration of the program: 10 months (starting in September 2013 and ending in July 2014)

Application deadline: 9th November 2012

Applicant criteria:
No education history and prior work experience are required to apply for this program. However, you must:
1) Be a person with a disability living in Asia and the Pacific,
2) Be between 18 & 25 years old as of November 9, 2012,
3) Be determined to become a future leader in your community and work for persons with disabilities,
4) Be willing to accomplish the 10-month training in Japan and adapt yourself to Japanese lifestyle,
5) Be able to communicate sufficiently in either Japanese (or Japanese sign language) or English (or International Sign Language),
6) Be able to carry out your everyday-life activities without assistance,
7) Have a surety, who is a parent, a sibling of age, or someone who is next of kin, and
8) Agree to participate in the program at your own risk.

Interested individuals please email to:

Parliament member Ahmed Mahloof donated MVR 15000 to Care Socciety on 2nd September 2012. According to Mahloof the donation was the price money he received from the DhiTV show, “Tharingerey”.

In the function held at Care Development Center to hand over the donation, Mahloof mentioned that his passion for singing is solely for his own interest and more of a hobby than a profession. Hence, when he received the price money from the show he wanted to contribute the money for a good cause. And he feels happy that he was able to provide such a support to an NGO like Care Society which he believes is doing a great job in the Maldivian community.

Shidhatha Shareef (Director), thanked Mahloof for his generous contribution and thought of contributing to such work done by the NGO’s.

This donation would go directly to the work done by Care Society towards students of Care Development Centre. Hence, the money would be allocated for the camp organize for the students and family trip organized for the families of students, both planned to be held within this month.

Care Society believes that, every donation opens a new door to strengthen and develop the work done by the organization for the vulnerable community in the Maldives. 


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  • Care Soceity: Yes, students can volunteer at Care Society. Please fill in the necessary forms. We will post them on the blog soon. Thank you
  • Care Soceity: I will share the volunteer form on the blog. Thank you for your initiation.
  • rooza: hi, I would like to voluntarily work with you. What should I do. and where could I find the forms.