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Care Society was established as a non-governmental organization (NGO)

Field of Concentration                                  

Advocacy, service delivery and community development in the Maldives.

Our objectives

  • Promote rights of people with disabilities
  • Promote rights of children and women
  • Building capacity of civil society organizations including Community Based Organizations
  • Assisting survivors of natural disasters like tsunami


Care Development Center (CDC), a special school as established.

45 students currently receiving direct services

Age range 0-25 years

Main Objective

Provide rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. The students catered at CDC ranges from the ages of 0 – 25 years and currently 45 students are receiving direct

services from CDC.


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program

CBR centers established in; S. Hithadhoo, GDh Thinadhoo and Gn. Fuvamulah

Main Objectives

  • Deliver rehabilitation services in the islands.
  • Address the need to change attitudes, behaviors and promote social inclusion
  • Make services accessible and remove barriers to equalization of opportunities.

Disability services have grown since the founding of Care Society in 1998, with many services centralized in the capital city, Male’.

Current situation:

A 5 story building in M.Fiyaathoshimaage

Work in the new building established

4 floors from the building under the ownership of CS for the agreement period (till 7th June


2 floors utilized to raise funds (contribute towards the running of CS by renting out as


2 floors utilized to provide direct service to people with disabilities (PWD’s)


2013, 7th June

Care Society has to renovate M.Fiyaathoshimaage and building handed over to the owner


2013, 7th June

Owner agreed to rent first 2 floors (only) to Care Society till end of 2013

For a rent of MVR 48000 per month (Rent period June – December 2013)


Seeking Options

Main focus

Requesting government to provide a space  to run the special education school- Care

Development Centre


Meetings with different government agencies;

Minister of Education

Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights

The President’s office

Meeting with former president His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom


Meeting with Former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed


2009, 23rd January

In the function held to mark the 10th Anniversary of Care Society former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed promised a building

2010, 1nd February

Care Society signed an agreement with Ministry of Finance and treasury.

The agreement

H. Sea View for a rent of MVR 500 per month

For a period of 5 years (which Care Society has been paying till date).


H. Sea View is an old building which has to be completely demolished and reconstructed

2009, 6 April  

Approached former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed for a functional premise


Government cannot support construction

Care Society should have to raise funds

2011, 5th February

Zonal Construction developed a BOQ (free of charge)

For construction of a 2 story multi-purpose building

2011, March – August

Meetings several private companies and business personnel requesting for Funding

RCNC and RYAN agreed to help; conditioned that Care Society extend the agreement

period to minimum 20 years

2011, 26th June and 10th July

Requested the Ministry of Finance for an appointment

Exploring the options to extend the rent period and allowing to rent out floors to cover the cost of


2012, 6th June

Developed a proposal for the building. (10 story building)

2012, 14th June

Proposal sent to Ministry of Finance and the President’s Office.

Further work

2012, 5th June

Meeting with President’s Office

2012, 5th June

Vice President Mr. Mohamed Waheedhudeen visited H. Sea View

Noted that the place is not appropriate to run a center for PWD’s.

2012, 9th September 

President’s Office requested to submit the proposal to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure

2012, 11 September

Proposal sent to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure

2012, 19th September

Meeting with Minister of Housing and Infrastructure

As requested by the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure the proposal was revised to a 5 story building

The building would only be used for activities of Care

No opportunity for generating funds

2012, 21st October

Proposal sent

2012, 5th November

Housing Ministry sent a letter to Care Society

The time period extended for 20 years

2012, 23rd December

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has requested to Ministry of Finance to extend the

agreement date

CS was asked not to do any work that would extend beyond the period of 5 years

Ongoing work 

Individual Meetings with relevant government ministries and commissions


23rd January

Meeting with Minister of Finance

29th January

Meeting with Minister of Education,

Meetings with Human Rights Commission

7th February

Meeting with Disability Council

Role of Donors

The most important role in survival of any NGO

Care Society depends on different types of donors for it’s sustainability

Private sector is obligated to provide funding to social sector as part of their cooperate social


However this is not practiced in many companies and cooperation’s.

No sustainable government funding is diverted towards NGO sector unlike many other

developing countries

Approaching Donors


30th January

Meeting with MNDF to assist in fundraising

5th February

Meeting with owner of Souvenir requesting for inancial support

Requests sent to meet

Mr. Buruma Gasim (Villa)

Mr. Waheedhudheen (Bandos)

Mr. Shiyam ( Sun Travels)

Champa Foundation

Muni Home care, Universals, Bright brothers, campus

Role of Media

Media can play a vital role in bringing issues to the public:

Share work done by Care Society and Care development Center

Give focus and attention to the crisis situation

Assist in seeking donors for Care Society (promoting the work done by Care Society)

Approaching to media to identify their role


31st January

Meeting with MBC

4th February

Meeting with Dhi TV

Meeting with Raajje TV

5th February

Meeting with Villa TV

We need any avenue of assistance we can get in order to survive and continue to provide education.



  • None
  • Care Soceity: Yes, students can volunteer at Care Society. Please fill in the necessary forms. We will post them on the blog soon. Thank you
  • Care Soceity: I will share the volunteer form on the blog. Thank you for your initiation.
  • rooza: hi, I would like to voluntarily work with you. What should I do. and where could I find the forms.