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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013 was held at the STELCO auditorium on the 21st of March 2013.

A total of 63 invitees were present for the meeting including staff, parents, target members, resource members and officials representing various stakeholders of Care Society. The meeting was chaired by the vice chairperson of the Executive Board, Mr. Abdul Hameed Ali.

A summary of the Annual Report 2012 was presented including a recap of the most important events / tasks carried out in the year 2012. The presentation was made by Director, Ms. Shidhatha Shareef. Major challenges faced by Care Society were also highlighted in the presentation.

After the presentation by Ms. Shidhatha, Annual Report 2012 was endorsed by the executive board.

The presentation of the Audit Report 2012 was made by Assistant Director, Ms. Aminath Saleem. Annual Audit for 2012 was carried out by Mr. Shimad Ibrahim from the Optimo LLP auditing firm. The presentation precisely highlighted on the findings of the audited financial statement. Specific recommendations by the auditor were shared with the invitees.

After the closing remarks by the Vice chairperson, the meeting concluded with refreshments.

Cash flow statement of the year ended 31 December 2012Statement of financial position as at 31st December 2012Statement of comprehensive income for the year ended 31 december 2012



With all the hard work and hardships during the past couple of months in order to secure our future, it was a relief to finally celebrate something that we have been working so hard to sustain.

The 12th anniversary of Care Development Center (CDC)this year was marked on the 13th of March. The reason it was marked on this date this year is because, after 11 years of providing services as a higher education providing center, on the 13th of March 2012 CDC was finally registered as a special school.

It is with pride and pleasure that we mark the 12th anniversary of the only special school that caters for all types of disabilities in the Maldives.

The celebration constituted of a special assembly, where a couple of new ideas were introduced, and a party for all students of CDC and the staff was organized.

The assembly organized to mark this day was made special by the special guests; the Minister of Defense and National Security Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim, Acting Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights Uz. Azima Shakoor, State Minister of Education Mr. Imad Salih, and also the President of the Disability Council Mr. Ahmed Athif who made time out of there busy schedules to make the 12th anniversary of CDC a successful event.

At present CDC functions with 5 classrooms, 1 sensory room, 11 teachers in 3 sessions. The programs run at CDC aims to increase and develop the capacity of these few students who get the opportunity to attend school. As such on this occasion it was with anticipation and hope that CDC introduced its first prefect board.

The main purpose of introducing such a board in the school is to allocate responsibilities that can be manageable for the students attending the school and providing them with opportunity to take on leadership roles.

The next important event in the assembly was the introduction of envelopes made out of recycled paper. These envelopes are made by the students of CDC and will be used to send official letters of Care Society from this day forward.

To increase and provide opportunities for the students, these envelopes will be available for other interested parties as well.

All the special guests were given the opportunity to address the students, parents, staff and volunteers who attended the assembly.

The Minister of Defense and National Security, in his speech called on volunteers to contribute to Care Society to support the wok done in the field of disability. He also donated a gift to the students of CDC.

In her speech the Acting Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights Uza.Aishath Azima Shakoor highlighted that the government will be exploring opportunities from International Organizations to provide assistance to Care Society in the future.

The assembly ended with new hope and new responsibilities for the students who received the badge of prefect – hood and students who didn’t receive it to work towards it.

The following day was a fun day for students as they came to CDC to party. They had games and fun activities organized with music.


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