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Care Society was established as a non-governmental organization (NGO)

Field of Concentration                                  

Advocacy, service delivery and community development in the Maldives.

Our objectives

  • Promote rights of people with disabilities
  • Promote rights of children and women
  • Building capacity of civil society organizations including Community Based Organizations
  • Assisting survivors of natural disasters like tsunami


Care Development Center (CDC), a special school as established.

45 students currently receiving direct services

Age range 0-25 years

Main Objective

Provide rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. The students catered at CDC ranges from the ages of 0 – 25 years and currently 45 students are receiving direct

services from CDC.


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program

CBR centers established in; S. Hithadhoo, GDh Thinadhoo and Gn. Fuvamulah

Main Objectives

  • Deliver rehabilitation services in the islands.
  • Address the need to change attitudes, behaviors and promote social inclusion
  • Make services accessible and remove barriers to equalization of opportunities.

Disability services have grown since the founding of Care Society in 1998, with many services centralized in the capital city, Male’.

Current situation:

A 5 story building in M.Fiyaathoshimaage

Work in the new building established

4 floors from the building under the ownership of CS for the agreement period (till 7th June


2 floors utilized to raise funds (contribute towards the running of CS by renting out as


2 floors utilized to provide direct service to people with disabilities (PWD’s)


2013, 7th June

Care Society has to renovate M.Fiyaathoshimaage and building handed over to the owner


2013, 7th June

Owner agreed to rent first 2 floors (only) to Care Society till end of 2013

For a rent of MVR 48000 per month (Rent period June – December 2013)


Seeking Options

Main focus

Requesting government to provide a space  to run the special education school- Care

Development Centre


Meetings with different government agencies;

Minister of Education

Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights

The President’s office

Meeting with former president His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom


Meeting with Former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed


2009, 23rd January

In the function held to mark the 10th Anniversary of Care Society former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed promised a building

2010, 1nd February

Care Society signed an agreement with Ministry of Finance and treasury.

The agreement

H. Sea View for a rent of MVR 500 per month

For a period of 5 years (which Care Society has been paying till date).


H. Sea View is an old building which has to be completely demolished and reconstructed

2009, 6 April  

Approached former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed for a functional premise


Government cannot support construction

Care Society should have to raise funds

2011, 5th February

Zonal Construction developed a BOQ (free of charge)

For construction of a 2 story multi-purpose building

2011, March – August

Meetings several private companies and business personnel requesting for Funding

RCNC and RYAN agreed to help; conditioned that Care Society extend the agreement

period to minimum 20 years

2011, 26th June and 10th July

Requested the Ministry of Finance for an appointment

Exploring the options to extend the rent period and allowing to rent out floors to cover the cost of


2012, 6th June

Developed a proposal for the building. (10 story building)

2012, 14th June

Proposal sent to Ministry of Finance and the President’s Office.

Further work

2012, 5th June

Meeting with President’s Office

2012, 5th June

Vice President Mr. Mohamed Waheedhudeen visited H. Sea View

Noted that the place is not appropriate to run a center for PWD’s.

2012, 9th September 

President’s Office requested to submit the proposal to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure

2012, 11 September

Proposal sent to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure

2012, 19th September

Meeting with Minister of Housing and Infrastructure

As requested by the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure the proposal was revised to a 5 story building

The building would only be used for activities of Care

No opportunity for generating funds

2012, 21st October

Proposal sent

2012, 5th November

Housing Ministry sent a letter to Care Society

The time period extended for 20 years

2012, 23rd December

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has requested to Ministry of Finance to extend the

agreement date

CS was asked not to do any work that would extend beyond the period of 5 years

Ongoing work 

Individual Meetings with relevant government ministries and commissions


23rd January

Meeting with Minister of Finance

29th January

Meeting with Minister of Education,

Meetings with Human Rights Commission

7th February

Meeting with Disability Council

Role of Donors

The most important role in survival of any NGO

Care Society depends on different types of donors for it’s sustainability

Private sector is obligated to provide funding to social sector as part of their cooperate social


However this is not practiced in many companies and cooperation’s.

No sustainable government funding is diverted towards NGO sector unlike many other

developing countries

Approaching Donors


30th January

Meeting with MNDF to assist in fundraising

5th February

Meeting with owner of Souvenir requesting for inancial support

Requests sent to meet

Mr. Buruma Gasim (Villa)

Mr. Waheedhudheen (Bandos)

Mr. Shiyam ( Sun Travels)

Champa Foundation

Muni Home care, Universals, Bright brothers, campus

Role of Media

Media can play a vital role in bringing issues to the public:

Share work done by Care Society and Care development Center

Give focus and attention to the crisis situation

Assist in seeking donors for Care Society (promoting the work done by Care Society)

Approaching to media to identify their role


31st January

Meeting with MBC

4th February

Meeting with Dhi TV

Meeting with Raajje TV

5th February

Meeting with Villa TV

We need any avenue of assistance we can get in order to survive and continue to provide education.


The purpose of the filed trip to Gdh Thinadhoo from 20th– 24th October was to technically train the Pre School teachers, CBR workers and the Community Health Workers to implement CBR activities in the island. This trip was funded by FIDA International, who is the main donor for the Community Based Rehabilitation works conducted by Care Society.

As part of the trip, Care Society’s team met with two members of the CBR team. The main objective of the meeting was to gather information on the current status of the CBR activities and to explain the new approach designed by Care Society to conduct centre based activities and home visits.  In this meeting the new CBR Manager was introduced and briefed on the activities and programs carried out in the island so far.

The workshop to train the Community Health Workers and the CBR volunteers was held from 20th – 23rd October 2012. In this workshop, participants were given training on how to conduct home visits, how to plan and conduct centre based activities(targeting persons with disabilities), types of disabilities, communication skills and interviewing skills, how to form and conduct Parent Support Groups. A practical was done on conducting centre based activities. Also a plan of action was drafted to be implemented in the island, for the next three months.

10 participants achieved the certificate of completion during the closing ceremony. Responsibilities of other stakeholders were also identified and explained during the closing ceremony.

In the remarks given by the Chief Guest during the closing ceremony, mentioned that high importance should be given to advocate and create more awareness among the community on different issues related to disability. He also assured the participants of the training that the MM Pre School and Island Council will support them in facilitating any necessary arrangements for CBR activities.


Written by Aishath Sufana 

Assistant Manager, CBR

As we celebrate our 14th year of existence, we are proud to state that our work has expanded progressively with each passing year.

When Care Society came into existence, disability was a taboo in most of the households in Maldives, making it difficult for us to reach out and provide our services to the community. As we grew with each year we have been able to reach more and more people around the nation. Currently, we have more than 600 registered target members at Care Society.

After the 2004 tsunami, Care Society widened its’ services to include advocating for the rights of children and women, building capacity of civil society organizations including Community Based Organizations, and assisting survivors of natural disaster, while still the main focus remaining on persons with disabilities.

Throughout these 14 years we have reached several milestones in development, starting with Care Development Centre, the only rehabilitation and education centre established for people with disabilities being registered as a special school after 11 years of service in 2012. The Community based rehabilitation program initiated with two programs in Gdh. Thinadhoo and S. HIthadhoo has expanded its services to several islands in establishing awareness programs and community based programs targeting persons with disabilities. Capacity building of those involved in these programs is ongoing, with new people being trained each year to work with persons with disabilities at an island/atoll level.

Currently there are 47 persons with disabilities receiving direct intervention at Care Development Center with a total of 10 teachers working diligently with them and still there are a number of students waiting to get an opportunity to study at Care Development Center.

This year, to extend our services we have started a Home Based Program focusing on the registered people who are unable to join Care Development Center. This program concentrates on training the parents/ guardians of the person with disability to work with them at home with the guidance of case workers from Care Society. At present there are 4 persons with disabilities registered in the program.

With this year came the establishment of the HELLO Friends Club, targeting children between the age of 4 and 13 years. The club is designed to develop social skills through play, drama, music, art, craft and reading. The main purpose of this club is to support young children, families and communities to learn how to participate and integrate people with disabilities.

With our hard work comes the assistance of outsiders, who have become a part of Care Society through different avenues; as a volunteer, a member, a sponsor, or simply a well-wisher. Therefore on this occasion, as we celebrate our 14th Anniversary we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who has helped us throughout our existence and hope that we will always be blessed to have you with us in the future.

Regardless of our huge success and hard work, challenges that we face are vast.  We are still being confronted with a shortage of people with expertise in the area of disability and the lack of a better space to provide our services. Currently we are struggling to find a way to construct the new building, which will be a special education school for children with disabilities and hopefully to provide other opportunities for persons with disabilities.

It brings us great pleasure to say we kept on moving uphill for the past 14 years and will keep on moving forward towards “An inclusive community free of inequality”.


Written by: Safa Ibrahim

Edited by: Aishath Looba

On the occasion of India Maldives Friendship Day 2012 Care Society has been awarded with a plaque in recognition of its contribution for the welfare of Persons with Disabilities. Also Care Society was given a donation of Maldivian Rufiyaa 25 thousand to support the work of Care Society.

This is a day for Care Society to be proud for its achievements once again. The impact of such contributions and awards are very high on the work of NGOs working in any field. Since Care Society has been given the opportunity to participate in the 1st World Congress on Community Based Rehabilitation, this contribution has come at an opportune time, therefore utilizing the amount donated by the Indian High Commission for the World Congress.

We at Care Society convey our deepest gratitude to the Indian High Commission for their generosity and for recognizing the work of Care Society.

Written by : Safa Ibrahim

Advocacy Manager, Care Society

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Once again another day to celebrate and make a group of people feel special because they are truly special. Every 5th October is a very special day for teachers. It is the international teachers day marked around the world. Every school plan the events of the day ahead with the parents and the students.

Similarly the teachers at Care Development Center had no idea what was planned for them.

The day started with welcoming the teachers into CDC . The school song was played and the fun activities began. Students, parents and teachers played games and afterward students gave their gifts to the teachers. The party ended with snacks and drinks.

An official dinner was held to give the teachers a well deserved mark of appreciation. This event conducted with the generous contributions from the Care Society board members and other well wishers was a huge success.

The teachers were given a token of appreciation with a gift hamper. The night started with the awarding of the sashes and the gift hampers. A former staff of CDC also sent gifts to all the teachers in appreciation of their hard work.

This event would not have been a success without the generous contributions from Donad Investments, Euro store, Island Arts, and our beloved board members.

At this time it would be unfair not to note the hard work put in by the office staff of Care society to plan and execute this plan.

We hope that this teachers day was full of joy and happiness.

Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers around the world.

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A total of 76 participants participated in this year’s family trip. The main objective of this trip was to provide an opportunity to the students and their families to spend some quality time together in a different environment away from their normal life.

During this trip families had the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as:

–          Water balloon game

–          Tug of war

–          Ball passing

–          Yoga for mothers

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions from:

Kandooma Holdings, for providing us the beautiful island for free of cost.

MTCC , for providing us the dhoani

Meridian Services Pvt. Ltd, for providing the fuel for the dhoani

Fun Island Resort, for arranging a dhoani to and from Maadhoofinolhu to the big vessel

We also very much appreciate the generous support provided by our first aider,  Mr. Ali Zakariya who was ready to lend a hand anytime we needed help

Last but not the least, the Care Society team for their invaluable commitment to make this trip a success. CARE BEARS….WE DID IT AGAIN!!!

Introduction: This program is designed for young persons with disabilities living in Asia and the Pacific who have willingness and potential to become leaders in their communities and work for persons with disabilities. The program offers young individuals an opportunity to learn about welfare policies and services for persons with disabilities in Japan and thereby to obtain knowledge and skills that will support their future activities. It was first implemented in 1993 by The Duskin AINOWA Foundation as a project commemorating the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993 – 2002). Over the past fourteen years, the program has hosted 103 people from all over Asia and the Pacific.

Duration of the program: 10 months (starting in September 2013 and ending in July 2014)

Application deadline: 9th November 2012

Applicant criteria:
No education history and prior work experience are required to apply for this program. However, you must:
1) Be a person with a disability living in Asia and the Pacific,
2) Be between 18 & 25 years old as of November 9, 2012,
3) Be determined to become a future leader in your community and work for persons with disabilities,
4) Be willing to accomplish the 10-month training in Japan and adapt yourself to Japanese lifestyle,
5) Be able to communicate sufficiently in either Japanese (or Japanese sign language) or English (or International Sign Language),
6) Be able to carry out your everyday-life activities without assistance,
7) Have a surety, who is a parent, a sibling of age, or someone who is next of kin, and
8) Agree to participate in the program at your own risk.

Interested individuals please email to:


  • None
  • Care Soceity: Yes, students can volunteer at Care Society. Please fill in the necessary forms. We will post them on the blog soon. Thank you
  • Care Soceity: I will share the volunteer form on the blog. Thank you for your initiation.
  • rooza: hi, I would like to voluntarily work with you. What should I do. and where could I find the forms.