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Early Sunday morning when the students started arriving at the centre they did not know it is going to be a very different day for them.  They had no idea that they will get an opportunity to explore a different environment and learn through their senses. When time came for Sanan to go into the class, he was feeling very reluctant. Holding the hand of the teacher he communicated using body language that he did not want to go in or have anything to do with this room. Through different motivation and physical prompt sanan entered the room. Slowly he got adjusted to the different aspects of it. The balls in the ball bed looks extremely colorful. The moving colors are very eye catching. The swing has its own wonderful motion. He can throw ball and make the wind chime dance. There are several mats on the floor that have all these different textures. Though sometimes ticklish; he enjoyed every bit of it. Seeing these colors, hearing these sounds, feeling these textures and motions are extremely self soothing and calming. And definitely Sanaan will have a good time here that will benefit his development. Sanaan is one child who benefits from the special education program carried out at the Care Development Centre and he is now getting more opportunities for development with the establishment of a sensory room. There are many other students studying at CDC who are getting similar support.

Children grow in a very unique and amazingly beautiful manner. Every child differs in his or her development. While many children might stick to the norms of developmental milestones some deviate from this either by being fast or slow. Regardless of the development all children should be provided with love, support and necessary stimulation that will enhance their growth and development. Even when working with a child with disability these stimulations are equally important. However they may differ in their responses to different stimuli and may require more support in some areas. As some children might dominate hearing or touch, others may dominate taste and sight.

Sensory integration is an important aspect of development for children with disability. At Care Development Centre, sensory games and stimulation exercises are often used to motivate and develop these senses. Sensory games are based on the aspect that sensation is how the child learns their environment. A special tool used in many special education centers is sensory room. It can be either calming or energizing or multipurpose.

A sensory room is a place where children explore and develop their senses and skills. It may have different feature like soft play, padded floors and walls, interactive equipments that makes dramatic changes to the sensory room environment using sounds, lightening and fragrancing.

Children process, interpret and respond to sensory information daily. While sensory integration games are largely intended to benefit children with sensory processing disorders, all children can benefit from sensory-rich games. A sensory-rich environment provides fun learning opportunities for all children. The purpose of having a sensory room in Care Development Centre is to create successful sensory integration games, allow students to choose from a variety of activity options that would enhance their development.

Sensory Room for Sensory Integration



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